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The Board of Trustees is pleased to welcome you to the new St. Joseph College Alumnae Association website. Our 2500 living Alumnae continue to live out the educational values and skills learned in the Valley and to share their faith, nurtured as students, in communities worldwide.

Each spring, we gather at our Annual Reunion Weekend to reconnect with friends with whom we formed deep, abiding bonds in Emmitsburg.  Please check for future reunion dates and plan to participate in the next Reunion.

We hope that this website, which will continue to evolve in scope and depth, will serve to strengthen our connection to one another. We welcome your suggestions on how best to do that β€” to keep us β€œAll Together.”

We invite you to interact with our site by sharing stories and adding comments so that our collective memory can be recorded for all to enjoy. Note that we also maintain a Facebook page that you may access regardless of whether you have a Facebook account.  Please contact us anytime to submit a comment or story or update your information so that we may stay in touch.

Thank you for being part of the SJC family, and again, welcome!

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